Steelseries Nimbus+ Wireless Gamepad (iOS)

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  • Official Apple-licensed wireless connectivity for all Apple products including iOS, iPadOS and tvOS devices
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for 50 hours of gameplay on a single charge
  • Compatible with thousands of titles across the App Store and Apple Arcade
  • Tactile D-pad buttons, new Hall Effect magnetic triggers, and clickable L3/R3 joysticks
  • Included Nimbus+ iPhone Mount so you can easily attach your iPhone to your Nimbus+
  • For optimizing compatibility with all iOS devices we strongly suggest that you update the controller by downloading


  • Upgraded Performance on all Apple Devices
    Designed specifically for Apple Gaming, Nimbus+ brings a console-quality gaming experience to iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV.
  • Official Apple-licensed Wireless Connectivity
    Works flawlessly with any Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV.
  • Play Thousands of Games
    Use your Nimbus+ controller to play thousands of games on all your Apple devices. With the most popular games for every genre, you’ll have full control of your favorite games.
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
    A built-in lithium-ion battery lasts for 50 hours of play on a single charge, so you won’t need to worry about running out of power. Easily recharge using your lightning cable.
  • Clickable Joysticks
    Clickable L3/R3 joystick buttons allow for more input options, so you can enjoy the full console experience with any Apple product.
  • Hall Effect Magnetic Triggers
    New trigger design features Hall Effect magnetic sensors for a lifetime of precision and a consistently smooth feel.
  • Dedicated Navigation Buttons
    Dedicated menu and option buttons for quick and easy navigation on your Apple devices.
  • Included Nimbus+ iPhone Mount
    Comes with the Nimbus+ iPhone Mount, so you can easily attach your iPhone to your Nimbus+ for seamless mobile gaming.


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Type Wireless
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth